Haiku Monday: Little House on the Prairie Museum

Verdigris River

Some snakes down here are poison
Carrie was born here.

This replica cabin on the homesite grounds was built by volunteers in the 1970s.

Indians close by
Boundary lines aren’t that clear
Settlers or squatters?

Creek roars at Christmas
Tin cups, a penny, cookies
Happy little girls

People call “racist”
But reflection of the time
Learn from our mistakes

Read Along with Other Little House Fans

It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that anyone reading Little House Travel is a significant fan of the Little House series. I’m one of the founders of the site Beyond Little House, a blog dedicated to Laura, her homesites, and everything related therein.

One of the things readers of the blog love to do together is read-alongs, where we choose a book and take turns summarizing and commenting on the chapters. Check them out here.