Gas Prices Going Up this Summer

The news is that gas prices are rising, and expected to be up a lot higher by summer. Which just so happens to be high season at the Little House sites.

Still, road trips to the Little House sites are worth it. I used to love to fly. Now, what with the changing security regulations and the never-know-what-‘s-coming nickel-and-diming the airlines seem to do, I’ll do almost anything to avoid flying.

Like drive. Over the years, I’ve discovered that I really love to drive. Notsomuch with my two oldest kids bickering in the backseat, but if they keep it to a dull roar, it still just beats flying.

And the Little House homesites? Perfect driving trip. Two hours, give or take, between Walnut Grove and De Smet. Major highways just a little south of each.

Traveling to the Little House sites is like getting a tattoo. Once you do it once, you need to do it again. And again.