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You’ve read the books. Perhaps your mother read them first. Maybe now your kids are, too. You’ve followed Laura Ingalls via the pages of the “Little House” series of books as she traveled from Wisconsin to Kansas and Minnesota and, finally, Dakota Territory.

Then, when you were done reading, you wanted to go there. You wanted to go where Laura went, see what Laura saw.

I did, too. I’ve spent the last decade of my life chasing Laura.

My ebook series, Little House Travel, is written for people like you and me, and our parents, and our children. It’s a family travel series. From the Ingalls family’s De Smet to the Wilders’ Malone, I will provide the most straightforward and honest been-there-done-that guidance for families who want to follow in Laura’s footsteps.

Starting today, May 1, 2012, I will be building this website and the accompanying blog to lead up to the release of the first ebook in the series: De Smet, South Dakota.

Won’t you come along for the wagon ride?

Thanks to Michelle Rafter’s fifth annual WordCount Blogathon, I will spend the month of May ramping up this website for my new ebook series, Little House Travel, with 31 days of blog posts.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Little House Travel

  1. I didn’t read the books, only learned about them through the TV show, but am now inspired to go find them and drink them in the way Laura Ingalls Wilder intended! Thank you for being here this year, and giving me such a fun project.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    I love the Little House on the Prairie books and, as I wrote on my blog today, they inspired me to start writing. I’m looking forward to reading more about your travels!

  3. Like many of the others, I never really read the books (only the first one). Am only familiar with Half-Pint via the TV show. Still, I drove about an hour out of my way to stop at the LIW cabin on a road trip through Wisconsin. The part that most touched me about the visit was that all the trees except for two of them are now gone.

    What a great blog topic. Good luck with it, Sandra!

  4. I loved the Little House Books and grew up in the midwest (Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota). Although I don’t live there anymore, I think the books sound like loads of fun and will be interested to see how your experiences compare with my memories!

    Go Blogathon!

  5. I devoured these books as a child and occasionally, I still pick one up and inhale it all over again. It is sad my own daughter never liked them the same way. These are books I won’t part with. I love reading about you discovering her journey and seeing the places she lived. Love it.

  6. How cool! I was a HUGE LIW fan when I was a kid – I read the whole series. I’m looking forward to seeing what Little House Travel involves.

  7. Congrats Sandra! Hope this endeavor will be rewarding and fruitful for you. We hope to see you at the Independence, KS homesite soon. We have been making major changes. I am new director and we are really working hard to take the Kansas homesite to new levels! You are welcome to travel our direction any time and we will be thrilled to have you visit. Best wishes to you in this new endeavor and thanks for all you did with The Homesteader.

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