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What body of water could this be?

Tuesday Teaser

(Except it’s Monday … shhh) This body of water is mentioned in the Little House books. What could it be? […]

Publishing this Spring—Little House Travel, De Smet Edition

  Look for the De Smet, South Dakota edition of Little House Travel to be released in print this spring. […]

This replica cabin on the homesite grounds was built by volunteers in the 1970s.

Haiku Monday: Little House on the Prairie Museum

Verdigris River Some snakes down here are poison Carrie was born here. Indians close by Boundary lines aren’t that clear […]

“Barnum Walks.”

Want a laugh? Have you ever seen the read-alongs over at Beyond Little House? They are timeless. On a personal note, Erin […]

The Wilder Farmhouse is the only home mentioned in the Little House books that is still standing on its original foundation.

What’s In a Name?

Today I was on Facebook, trying to share a link about an author reading at a bookstore. The bookstore is […]

Where in Laura's World could this be?

Tuesday Teaser

(… except that it’s Thursday. Oops.) Where might this picture be from?

This sign and view is not right in Pepin, Wisconsin, but at a lookout on the way there.

Haiku Monday: Little House in the Big Woods

One of the Blogathon theme days is a Haiku day. That’s today. I’ll start with the homesite for the first […]

Jim Hicks, physics teacher, Laurafan, entertainer

Jim Hicks — Physics in Laura’s World

This is Jim Hicks. Retired now, he was a longtime physics teacher at a high school in Illinois. His students call […]

Making My Little House Art

I’ve spent the last day or so watching, in spurts, Neil Gaiman’s commencement address at the University of the Arts. […]

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Are You Ever Too Old to Read the Little House Series?

One of my colleagues asked this question a while ago: Why should an adult who has never read the Little House […]