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Read Along with Other Little House Fans

It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that anyone reading Little House Travel is a significant fan of the Little House series. […]

Or you could take a wagon ..

Gas Prices Going Up this Summer

The news is that gas prices are rising, and expected to be up a lot higher by summer. Which just so […]

Little House Fan Glossary

When you’re in the presence of Laurafans, Bonnet Heads, the Laurarati, etc., you might likely come across some words that […]

Amy Lauters' Rediscovered Writings of Rose Wilder Lane, Literary Journalist is one of many Laura-related books published by the University of Missouri Press

Good and Bad Literary News in Laura’s World

Bad news first, shall we? The bad news in the world of Laura comes from The Columbia Daily Tribune in […]

This guy wore a sunbonnet to report from LauraPalooza 2010 for a Minneapolis TV station. What a sport! Think he'll be there this year?

Endings and Beginnings

Today feels momentous. It’s the last day of the month, certainly. From a personal perspective, it’s also my kids’ last […]

The Songs of Pa’s Fiddle on PBS

If you read any of the Little House books, you know that you couldn’t go three chapters without encountering the […]

Comment of the Week

This comment came over the international transom last night: My husband has been reading the series to our five-year-old daughter. […]


You Say Almanzo, I Say Almanzo–Say What?

If you asked a Little House fan (books or TV show) the question, “What’s Almanzo’s favorite food?” you’d get two […]

Former (and longtime) Burr Oak director Ferneva Brimacomb speaks to a tour group at the Masters Hotel in Burr Oak, Iowa.

Ask Little House Travel: “What Sad Events Happened in Burr Oak?”

Babette at the lovely cooking blog  Babette Feasts (which you all should read … go ahead; I’ll wait) tells us she […]